Peter Twist

Peter Twist, MSc, is an exercise physiologist with 11 years coaching experience in the NHL. Coach Twist has trained over 700 professional athletes with his firm TWIST Performance + Wellness training and treating 2,000 pro and Olympic athletes and 20,000 collegiate and high school athletes over 20 years. A passionate educator, Peter Twist has published 1200 papers, 20 books and manuals, 44 DVDs and 22 certifications. His Master Trainers teach TWIST Certifications in 30 countries, also available on-line for digital study. He is a Scientific Advisor to the Global Foundation of Community Health, a research group collaborating on children’s physical literacy and sustainable health. Twist’s research and writing focuses on the brain-body connection, 3D movement skills, mindset motivation and holistic health. Peter was awarded the 2001 NSCA’s President’s Award, 2003 CanFitPro Specialty Presenter of the Year, 2010 IDEA Program Director of the Year, CanFitPro’s 2012 Canadian Presenter of the Year, 2013 IDEA World Fitness Inspiration Award and in 2015, was inducted into the USA Fitness Hall of Fame.