2021 On-Demand ACTIVATE FitCon


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A CEC certificate of completion will be issued based on code word submission (code words can be found in each recording) – valid for 2021 CEC requirements only. Once you watch the recordings, please email your code words to Do not send one at a time, please submit list of all sessions requested. One email accepted per viewer.

ACTIVATE FitCon was pre-approved for CECs from The YMCA, The NSCA and CSEP. You may submit your certificate of completion to canfitpro for approval at $30/person. For more information on CECs, please click here





Over 20 hours of topics & presenters, which include:

Welcoming Remarks with Connie Beaulieu and Kickoff Keynote Presentation with SGT Ken®, Dr Kyeremanteng, Kevin Darby, Parul Shah, Tasha Edwards and Angela Kontgen
2001 – Thriving in a Post Pandemic Fitness Boom with Brody Thorne
2002 – DON’T JUST BE A TRAINER OR INSTRUCTOR. BE A COACH – THINK Yourself® A COACH with Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas
2003 – Embracing the Hybrid Opportunity: How to make the most of your skills, diversify your training and teaching style and THRIVE in a post 2020 world with Jenn Hall
2004 – How to Rebuild your Personal Training Business by Working with Health Professionals with Dr. Ken Kinakin D.C., C.S.C.S.
2005 – 3 Tools to Transform your Passion into a Profitable Business with Alechia Reese
2006 – The Virtual Presentation Playbook™Connecting to Your Community on Camera in Seven Simple Steps™ with SGT Ken®
2007 – Social Media Essentials for Fitness Professionals with Jono Petrohilos
2008 – Leadership & Motivation in Challenging Times with Kelly Thorne and Lindsey Rainwater
2009 – Virtual Strategies, Tools and Resources for the Personal Trainer, Bree Cox (recorded webinar)
2010 – Managing Menopause with Melissa Layne
2011 – Micro Workouts… Maximum Results! with Lisa Mastracchio
2012 – Bodyweight Training/Calisthenics – Joint Longevity and Performance: An Orthopedic Surgeon’s Perspective with Dr Chris Raynor
2013 – What’s STRESS got to do with it?: “Stress and musculoskeletal pain” with Etienne Asselin
2014 – Flexibility vs. Mobility with JC Santana
2015 – Body Weight Blitz with Lisa Mastracchio
2016 – Nutrition Basics: Building a Better Foundation for Your Clients with Hari Ghuman
2017 – Running a Successful Outdoor Fitness Business with Connie Beaulieu
2018 – Perfectly Purposeful Postnatal Programming with Sarah Zahab
2019 – The Ultimate Training Equation with Dane Robinson
2020 – Pandemic Pain and Program Design Considerations with Brendan Fox
2021 – Cultivating Yin: The Importance of Slowing Down with Lisa Greenbaum