Steve Feinberg

With 17 years of industry experience, Steve Feinberg is well known for the implementation of group fitness/wellness programs across premier facilities, universities, community associations, and residential/corporate fitness centers. He is also highly regarded as a group exercise instructor for a variety of classes – ranging from formats based on martial arts and strength/conditioning to trending modalities such as ViPR and Kettlebells.

Steve created the Speedball class format and developed the Instructor training program. Although an expert in general exercise choreography and class structure, Steve specializes in martial arts and boxing. He has worked with top-ranked professional fighters, elite amateur athletes, International fitness presenters, the average Joe and Jane, and youth travel soccer teams.

Steve is a trusted source for fitness expertise, regularly appearing in a variety of local, national, and international media. His specialties include boxing, martial arts, cycling, para-natal fitness, preventative strength and conditioning, and functional athletic movement. Steve has also studied Eskrima, Butterfly Hands, Choi Lei Faht and Lama Pi Kung Fu, Yang-style Michuan Tai Chi Chuan, Capoeira.