Teri Gentes

International Speaker, Educator, Lifestyle Coach, ‘Natural Foods Nutritionist/Researcher’, PT/Fitness Instructor and Author, Teri Gentes brings with her 30 plus years of experience in mindful everyday living and eating for everyday people, health advocates and athletes. Her personal and professional passion and honouring of whole-self health includes preparing and consuming nutrient dense, fabulous tasting ‘real’ foods and is supported with her research based, informative, practical and engaging approach. Teri in-stills awareness, inspires desire and enables action making the transition to ‘healthier habits’ for disease prevention and treatment, easy, realistic, enjoyable, affordable and sustainable. She is described as an inspiring, vibrant and radiant authentic soul and living proof of the benefits of healthy lifestyles. Education: Communications; Human and Media Relations; Business Development, Psychology and Philosophy Carleton University; Algonquin College and Business Development Center; Ottawa, Canada Natural Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching: Stonehenge Institution, UK; American Fitness Professionals Association, USA Certified Wellness and Nutrition Consultant, Personal Trainer, Group Exercise and Yoga Instructor

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