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Build your career/share space

Apex Club is one of Ottawa’s elite training facilities that specializes in performance and recovery. Build your own brand by leveraging our state-of-the-art assessment technologies and recovery room while optimizing client retention and growth by wowing them with other in-house services such as massage therapy, physiotherapy, and online platforms.

Apex Club offers you the chance to build a brand without the investment in infrastructure while surrounding you with like-minded business owners in a community environment! 

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Looking to hire: Naturopathic Doctor, Physiotherapist, RMT

1665 Russell Rd #1

K1G 0M8

Ottawa, ON

Contact Dr. Isaiah Redfern

Office phone: 613-371-0133

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Commercial Fitness Equipment

Kinetic Solutions was created in 1995 with a goal of providing superior value to our clients by representing fitness products that meet our guiding 3-P Program. The 3-P Program evaluates equipment based on Performance (features/function/durability), Protection (warranties), and Price, offering a true representation of overall value. 

We are pleased to provide these products to a diverse range of clients such as health clubs, corporate fitness, municipal recreation, hospitality, not-for-profit, and individual clients. We strive to be your supplier of choice and welcome the opportunity to earn your business.

Nutrition Services

At Personalized Health Center, we are a team of driven and enthusiastic professionals dedicated to helping you get your body on the right track. With years of experience and education (plus our great sense of intuition), you can expect to be treated with respect and knowledge by our highly qualified professionals. What really sets us apart from other health and wellness centres is our mindset. We are of the belief that each individual is a unique person with specific needs! We pride ourselves on this mandate, and the results it inspires. It’s this kind of passion that drives us to provide you with the best possible care, the care you deserve!

Integrated Health Care

  • We are an integrated healthcare and fitness facility
  • We operate under a “movement is medicine” philosophy
  • We offer in-person and virtual services
  • We want to help you move, function, and live better no matter what your abilities or goals!


Fleming Fitness is a Kinesiology / personal training company based in Ottawa that also services the Valley and Kingston. Our Registered Kinesiologists and Exercise Specialists have experience working with a variety of clientele from healthy to severely injured and to the elderly. We provide active and post rehab exercise therapy in our spacious semi-private clinic or in the comfort of your home. 

Fitness business resources

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Training App

Trainerize empowers fitness professionals to be closer to their clients anytime, anywhere. By combining online workout tracking, meal planning, client communication, and access to the world’s best fitness add-ons, Trainerize makes it possible for trainers to look after their clients in a revolutionary new way. It saves time and resources, taking away the burden of planning, managing and scheduling. This allows fitness professionals to focus on what they love to do most: train and motivate their clients.



The Women in Fitness Association is a place that was created to champion one another and achieve our ultimate potential. Together we accelerate our careers in ways we could never accomplish alone.We are known for unparalleled career development and networking. Resulting in long term, high quality relationships for the women in the fitness industry. We believe in collaboration; when we help each other, we all succeed. We are working together to see women change the face of fitness, and to share a diverse and inclusive future of our industry.


Many health professionals still assign exercises to clients using sheets of paper or jumbling together a series of youtube videos, which is time consuming and confusing. Fortis Forma lets you build templates, progress and regress exercises with the click of a button and track your clients adherence. The best part is it’s free, there’s no risk to try it out.

Fitness Media Services

Fitness professionals rely on social media platforms to build an unforgettable brand. However, creating images and video that standout from the rest can take time away from your clients, who pay you for your time. Coach Josef Fitness Media Services caters to you, the fitness professional, wanting to establish an impactful presence on social media. With branded visual content creations from video to images, including stories, IG Reels, YouTube thumbnails, podcast cover art, and custom packages designed to meet any budget, you’ll communicate the impact of your message, while regaining valuable time for your clients and yourself.


Subscribe to a channel of live recorded Shadow Do and HIPBOX mashups, full of choreography for your cardio martial arts and cardio boxing segments with clients and students, over 100 videos and counting every week!  Created by Chinese martial artist, global instructor educator, and former competitive fighter Steve Feinberg (aka SpeedballSteve), these breakdowns and build ups of authentic combinations will bring fun and skill to your workouts and programming!



Bands, Books, Online Education

The Mecca of Functional Training now is worldwide and available online. From Online Certifications, educational videos and books to Professional Fitness Equipment such as our famous JC “Pro Line” Resistance Band collection. You can be a part of the IHP movement today!

Nutrition Products

At Strongbars, we have 5 different flavours of Pure Strength bars to choose from. We are quite certain we have the ideal snack bar for you.
But did you know that we also do custom orders? If you have a specific nutrition requirement or have a list of ingredients that you must include or must avoid, we can help!

Body Composition

InBodyCanada, the exclusive Canadian distributor for InBody Co. Ltd., has been serving the Canadian marketplace for over 14 years. As the leading supplier of bioelectrical body composition analyzers for the health, fitness and wellness industries in Canada, we have made it our mission to provide exemplary service and products, while educating Canadians about the importance of knowing your body’s composition rather than simply monitoring your weight.  InBody test data allows for personalized exercise and diet programs and can play a key role in member/client engagement and retention, ensuring they stay motivated and keep coming back! 


Counselling Services

We opened our doors in 2016 with a simple idea : embracing our own flaws to empower ourselves. We empower individuals across Ontario to become stronger and resilient selves by lending a hand, a listening ear and a compassionate heart through in person, by phone and online Therapy. 

Brand Development

Tru3 Yoga is a studio established in 2019 & located around the coastline of Kuwait. A holistic design approach has been adapted through Japanese design principles in terms of a minimal material palette & overall simplicity. Tru3 Yoga is influenced by the Japanese slow living or “Ikigai,” a Japanese term translated to “reason for being” or finding truth & happiness. The main concept of the design is inspired by the curvaceous body forms integrated within the Yoga practice while connecting to three factors: mind, body, & soul.

Coaching & Education

Having moved her business to online over four years ago, Nathalie was already ahead of the game when it came to virtual presentation and online business. During the pandemic of 2020, Nathalie helped thousands of entrepreneurs move their business online and get the confidence they needed to pivot their life to a new normal!

Meditation Coach

Symphonies of the Mind is a focused meditation experience that helps you with the practice of creating a peaceful mind ~ it’s where the power of personal growth comes together with meditation. 


Fitness Education

Health professionals want to achieve their full potential in their career, but that dream has been blocked by inadequate tools for success.  People are frustrated and confused.  We understand and we have a plan.  We’ve guided others to success, and we’re here to show you the way.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy utilizes the practices from the 8 limbs of Yoga including breath practices, Yoga poses, meditation and mantra work personalized towards the needs of the individual. Yoga Therapy works holistically with the aim to create balance across all energy bodies: physical, vital, emotional, mental and our deepest connection to Self or bliss body for overall wellness.

Fitness Education

At Fitness Education Online our aim is to provide the highest quality online professional development courses.

The goal of our courses is to further develop all participants’ skills, knowledge and abilities across every area of the fitness industry.

Our courses are recognized by leading fitness course providers in Australia, including high profile institutions like Fitness Australia, FitRec, and in New Zealand, REPs New Zealand.

Fitness Education

DTS Fitness Education was founded on a simple concept – deliver quality and highly practical education to personal trainers, strength coaches, and other industry professionals. Over the years, we have grown into a collective of passionate, award-winning instructors and support staff dedicated to helping students further their fitness education. With over 15 different course offerings and thousands of highly satisfied graduates, we are reshaping fitness education in Canada and across the world.

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